Jazz Improvisation Master Class With Darren Lloyd

Darren Lloyd, CEO

Darren is the training creator and deliverer....

Darren is a trumpet player, composer, music educator and jazz lover!

He has performed with many of the top music ensembles in the UK as well as having a Master of Arts in jazz performance and a post graduate degree in teaching!

He has performed with world renown trumpet players that include Derek Watkins - James Morrison - Conte Candoli - Buddy Childers - Stuart Brooks. 

Darren has been creating Jazz Etudes and content for his YouTube channel Jazz Etudes for the past three years, reaching 250,000 views recently as well as 3,000 subscribers. 

Darren has published a number of jazz etude books to help intermediate jazz students develop their vocabulary and has sold well in excess of 4,000 copies to musicians all around the world!
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